Dear ones,

A path full of new possibilities and opportunities opens up for you as of today.  The Master Sha Tao Centers of the Netherlands and Belgium are joining their forces to spread an even bigger field of Love and Light over both countries. So you can count on a larger team to support and guide you.

The past few years we have experienced that through virtual sessions we can help and serve even more people than before. Physical (country) borders faded, from your trusted home you could follow courses in other parts of the world at the times and places that are most convenient for you. The next logical step is to combine all knowledge and wisdom into one unified team that will support all Dutch-speaking students of Master Sha. With that, our organization is preparing to help many more people in need worldwide.

The organization has made the decision to merge together the Belgium Center with the Netherlands Center. The new Dutch speaking team will serve from Amersfoort.

First and foremost, we would like to thank with all our hearts and souls everyone who has contributed to the growth and blossoming of the Master Sha family in Belgium since September 2015. We are proud of you and happy to have formed so many Tao Hands Healers and Kuan Yin Lineage holders. You are beacons of Light and Love that feed the Soul of Belgium forever.

Finally: thank you from our hearts and souls for the great moments together in the sessions of Tao Center Antwerp. We as a team are confident that this is a new beginning of an even more beautiful and powerful future. We invite each of you to subscribe to the Tao Center newsletter (at the bottom of the page) to receive all information about the united Tao Center.  Also keep an eye on !

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