Our Signature Programs

Are designed to uplift and bring positive transformation to all aspects of life!

Wellness Boost Program

Be empowered to:

  • Get to the root cause your challenges
  • Apply self-healing techniques for any challenge
  • Increase your healing wisdom and power
  • Increase your energy, stamina and vitality
  • Reduce chronic pain and stress
  • Reduce negative thinking and unbalanced emotions
  • Transform unwanted physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions
  • Experience greater peace, joy and happiness
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Soul Song and Dance for Feeling and Liberating Your True Self

Discover the brilliant parts of yourself through your soul’s song and dance!

Liberate your true nature, free from social conditioning!

Everyone and everything vibrate with sound and movement. It is these that express what lives in the heart and soul. How can we truly know ourselves or tap into our authentic nature if we do not sing and dance?

In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to bring out and embrace your unique heart and soul sound and movement
  • The power of the first energy chakra to heal old wounds and strengthen your foundation
  • The healing power of soul song and soul dance for transforming negative messages into positive messages
  • A sacred mantra for purifying the central channel for singing and dancing
  • How to use the Seven Energy Chakras for deepening your connection with Heaven and Earth
  • The place of hidden messages within waiting to be revealed to guide your life
  • The art of communicating self-love through sound and movement and how this enriches your love of others
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Everyone has the ability to open and develop their spiritual channels, to develop their intuition, in order to receive wisdom, and guidance for their life.

In this 2-week training, you will learn the skill how to communicate with your soul, angels, saints, guides and more in order to receive guidance to assist you to transform or enhance an aspect of your life. Participants will develop the skills to gain confidence and trust their intuition, and messages they receive to help them live happier and healthier lives.

Class 1 – Sunday September 26; 10:00-12:00pm ET

  • What are the spiritual channels?
  • What is Soul Language (Universal Language)
  • How to bring out your Soul Language

Class 2 – Thursday September 30; 7:00-8:30pm ET

  • How to translate your Soul Language
  • Connecting to your soul to receive wisdom and guidance for your life

Class 3 – Sunday October 3; 10:00-12:00pm ET

  • Apply Soul Language Translation
  • Connecting to saints, guides, angels, and more to receive wisdom and guidance for your life

Class 4 – Thursday October 7; 7:00-8:30pm ET

  • Direct Soul Communication (direct conversation)
  • Connecting to saints, guides, angels, and more to receive wisdom and guidance for your life
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Awaken Your Spiritual Channels

This 6 week program is offered once a year, to help us awaken and develop our spiritual channels.

To open your spiritual channels is to align with your soul and the higher realms, and this is deeply healing and empowering.

In fact, the techniques in this training will help you find answers to questions about the best steps to take now and enable you to better master your life.

You will discover new abilities and gain confidence that you are on the right path.

Connect To Your Ancestors Retreat

This special retreat is offered in January, every year!

In this retreat you will:

  •  Enter the Tao Calligraphy Field to connect, communicate, heal and deepen your relationship with your ancestors.
  • Experience Tao Calligraphy Field light and healing for realizing best potential.
  • Learn who one of your most important ancestors is and how they bless your life. You will also have the possibility to receive a reading on the significance of this relationship.

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Wellness Boost

This revolutionary program is designed to help you learn focused wisdom and simple techniques, that you can easily apply to help yourself and others. Achieve greater health and wellness in every aspect of life during these challenging times. All you need to do is show up for the sessions and practices!

Personal Consultation

Whatever is blocking your path, we are here to help you transform it. Sometimes, all you need is that moment with someone who can tune-in to what is really going on. Someone who can see you, meet you where you’re at, and shed light on the question or challenge you’ve been living with.